MSRDE 2004


Go Team!

Our group is comprised of 5 CNTV-IMD graduate students coming from a diverse set of backgrounds:


Bradley Newman
graduated from Iowa State University with a BFA in 2002. He worked as a character animator for Micoy Inc. for 2 years working with stereoscopic panoramic video content. His research interests include intuitive gestural interfaces and immersive media technology / content.


Jenova Chen
graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2003 with a BS in Computer Science and Minor in Art & Design. He worked on 2D and 3D CG production and concept design for Wondergust Studio for 2 years. His major interests are game design and game-related art & animation development.


Julie Dillon
graduated from USC with a BA in Public Relations in 2003. She has worked extensively with communication, marketing, design, and quantitative/qualitative research. She wants to pursue research in the field of interactive television and ways to bring it to the mass market.


Leonard Lin
graduated from USC with a BA in Fine Arts, Studio Arts and a Minor in Multimedia and Creative Technologies in 2001. Working in web-related design and development since 1996, he is currently a Programmer / Analyst for ISD Web Services at USC. He has a keen interest in emerging technologies, and is currently exploring social networks and their applications.


Michael Brinker
graduated from Truman State University with a BFA in Theater. He has been working on many collaborative multiplayer games as well as wireless communication technology. He would like to continue to develop radio frequency identification as it applies to the medical field.